Monday 5/30/16

Today we will be doing the MURPH WOd in honor of Lieutenant Michael Murphy. We will be joining gyms all around the US and world who will also be doing this WOd today. This workout can be scaled so any one can participate, do not be intimidated by the movements or numbers. But understand that it is intended to be a grinder and can take many 45min+ for most. There will be no time cap for this workout. Classes will start on the half hour and you must be signed up.

Everyone must do the mile run and all 100 pullups prior to moving on the the push ups and air squats. RX for the workout would be to complete the rest as written, 200 push ups, 300 air squats, 1 mile run. If you would like to partion up the push ups and air squats that is allowed. My suggestion would be 20 rounds of 10 push ups and 15 air squats. Grind away however you want, today is about doing something awesome with awesome people in the honor of all service members.

Class times:







*put any modifications in the notes section

Tuesday 5/31/16


situps 20,19,18,17,16. . . .1

medball squat cleans 30/20 1,2,3,4,5. . . . 20

5 db push press 45/30 following each round

WHITEBOARD=time/medbal weight/pp weight




Wednesday 6/1/16


RuKIDDINGme burpee style

5 250m

10 500m

15 750m

20 1000m

15 750m

10 500m

5 250m


Friday 6/3/16


8 Rounds

  • :60/on :60/off Assault bike

8 Rounds

  • :60/on :60/off Rower

Whiteboard score will be # of calories on bike/# of calories on rower

WHITEBOARD=Write what you did first then scores ex: bike 150/150 No need to label 2nd score we can assume what you did 2nd.


Saturday 6/4/16


15 lunges (each leg)

400m run

400m farmers walk 53/35

30 lunges

800m run

400m farmers walk

45 lunges

1600m run

400m farmers walk

Do this one #vested !


Previous #EnceWOd times:



Sunday 6/5/16

All coaches will be at a training today. Enjoy he day with family and friends. Get outside and post a picture:)