Wednesday 1/3/18


1 mile run
50 push ups (modification, 3 sec plank for each rep)
100 air squats
400m run
100 air squats
50 push ups
1 mile run

Spend time grinding out quality push ups!

Wear your vest!



Thursday 1/4/18

pullSTRENGTH-We have done a lot of pushing this year so come on in for some back and bis #2uge

Saturday 1/6/18


2 min max assault bike
5 min max dBOS

1 min rest

400m farmers walk

2 min rest

800m sandbag carry

3 min rest

1600m run

Your time for dBOS starts at 2:01 (no break after bike) and ends at 7:00, everyone farmer walks at 8:00.

Got a vest? Put it on after dBOS, for the walk, carry and run.

WHITEBOARD=assault bike calories/dBOS#/total time