You will train amongst men and women of all fitness levels who ultimately share a common goal – to feel better, look better, and to achieve balance in nutrition and exercise. Our community seeks to motivate and inspire one another to reach goals and we place great emphasis on having fun in the process!

PRT offers you an opportunity to build relationships with other like-minded, goal-oriented people. The relationships created here will equip you with a built-in circle of accountability that will surely help you reach your goals and change your life for the better.

Monday 7/4/16

All regular classes will be cancelled. We will be hosting the REDsoloCUPWOd at the below times.

Sign up is required and you must have a partner.

Sign up will be on the board and you must be signed up by Thursday so I can add or delete classes.

This is a fun WOd, patriotic or fun dress up is required, don’t make it difficult, make it fun.

campAWESOME is cancelled on this day as well.

Class times:


Monday 1/11/16


No timer, no loud music, just getting your swole on, laughing and taking selfies with your friends


db front raises

db 1 arm rows

db side laterals

TRX high rows

Push ups

WHITEBOARD=Favorite movie


Decisions?  Decisions?  The picture on the upper left is two days before my BTC weigh in.  The picture on the lower left are 6 x 4 pound bags of sugar strapped to me, representing the weight I have lost since the BTC started.  I have shed my own personal weighted vest.  The BTC really opened up my eyes to my eating habits and the choices I make every day.  I travel nearly every week Monday through Thursday for work and it is really easy make excuses why I can’t work out and eat well.  I reprogramed the way I think and plan my week; when am I going to the gym, when am I going to run, what am I going to eat and where, how many calories do I have left in My Fitness Pal app?  My time per mile drops a minute with every 10 pounds I lose, evident by my 2+ minute improvement in the PRT-Tri.  I’ve also been able to set my own PR mile of 6:46 during this BTC challenge and complete the Spartan Trifecta.  At the heart of my transformation is Potential Realized Training “PRT” and the strong foundation I have established there with both my work out habits and the amazing people that support me every week.  My PRT family is the most amazing and inspirational group of people I’ve ever been around.  This has been one of the best years of my life and I can’t wait for an even better 2016!  #potentialrealizedtraining #prtbtc #awesomedoesntwait #btchasjustbegun @neal2clap @potentialrealizedtraining

I started at PRT in July and quickly fell in love with all the encouragement, support and community feel there. That made it really easy to get into a routine of working out 5 days a week when you knew it would be noticed you were gone. What made me want to keep coming was all the encouragement I received from everyone there. BTC though is what has pushed me through to my next phase. I had the exercise down but was still slacking on my nutrition. Competing in BTC has given me the push I needed and again having the support of everyone at PRT is what has encouraged me to stay on track making better daily food choices leading to lifestyle changes. I didn’t really see the changes in my body until my before and after pictures were put together. I may be no where near where I want to be but I am on my way to it and so incredibly proud of myself for my progress and the changes I’ve made. I could not have done it without all the encouragement and support of my family, friends and everyone at PRT pushing me. Thank you Neal, Jaime, and Renee!


The BTC couldn’t have come at a better time for me.  I had surgery in the beginning of September and was not able to exercise for 6 weeks.  While I didn’t think I was eating all that bad, attending the BTC nutrition session conducted by MJ was a great eye-opener.  I actually eat more now than I did before!  It is now in the right portions with the right percentages to the macros, 45%, 35% and 20%.  4,4,7 and 9 will forever live in my head.  This has been my missing link!  After surgery I felt like I was starting all over at PRT.  The support and motivation from everyone in each class is what PRT is all about.  Thank you to all of the PRT family members and to Neal for the awesome workouts and environment.  The workouts haven’t changed since the garage, you’ve only made them more awesome!!!  11.2 lbs down, 7% fat loss.  So happy to be back and in full force again!