“Being a former Division 1 athlete, I’d been struggling with finding a workout facility that motivated me and left me with a desire to come in and workout every day – while at the same time providing a competitive element I’ve been missing since college. Once I found PRT, and got to know Neal, I was immediately hooked. It encompasses the perfect mix of cardio, strength training, and competition. In just a short amount of time, I’ve been surprised at the significant increase in my strength level and overall fitness that I’ve been able to accomplish. He’s even gotten me to appreciate burpees!”

Drew Zurek, Santa Clara Basketball 1992-1997

“I am the ultimate rookie who never lifted weights in my life! I walked in barely lifting 5lb. weights and not finishing a routine to 3 months later lifting 20lbs and finishing every single workout. I’ve met amazing people and have honestly never felt better! Thanks Neal!!!!!

Karen Bernard


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